Have you ever seen the Batman movies and been amazed at all the gadgets the dark knight packs into his utility belt? Well I did the research and came up with a way to put you into Gotham's greatest hero's shoes by creating his famous smoke pellets!

This is an impact smoke pellet, which means when it strikes something with enough force it'll go off. How it works is by a chain reaction of different things to ignite the smoke-creating element.

Step 1: Materials


-Snappers (left over fireworks)

-Tissue paper

-Black Powder

-Magnesium Fire Starter

-Potassium Nitrate and Sugar mix (there are some instructions on how to make this online for more info)



-Ping Pong Balls

-Black Spray Paint

Is this illegal
<p>If you throw this at carpet will it catch on fire?</p>
<p>How do I make the smoke bigger so when I throw it down no one can see me thru the smoke<em>??</em></p>
<p>Use like fifty of them</p>
Where did you acquire the black powder?
<p><em>what if i dont have a magnesium fire starter? can i use something as a substitute for the flint rod??</em></p>
I would assume anything that easily ignites (some kind of powder would be the best way to go).
<p>and what is Spectracide Stump remover? is it a substitute for the KNO3?</p>
It is KNO3, Spectracide is the brand and it is sold as stump remover. you could find it at Walmart or most gardening/landscaping type stores.
<p>I tried to find some KNO3 but no luck. Can I make these smoke pellets even if i dont have KNO3? I have everything except potassium nitrate. Can i still make these if i dont have KNO3??</p>
<p>where can i find some potassium nitrate and spetracide stump remover to create this awesome DIY??? please help because i am gonna make this ASAP but i need to know from my question above. Thanks</p>
<p>just judging by the measurements you used it didn't make that much smoke obviously using more then one would make more smoke but would upping the amounts inside of one create more or would that just make it more volatile?</p>
<p>is the smoke it produces toxic?</p>
<p>No gunpowder smoke is entirely safe to breathe in. It's not safe to eat though.</p>
<p>Would this be usable inside?</p>
<p>It crosses my mind that I have some KNO3 laying around in my bedside cabinet (no joke).</p><p>Why are ping pong balls optional ? Aren't they mandatory ?</p>
No actually they work when wrapped in the tissue paper just fine, the ping pong ball shell is just to give it that &quot;Dark Knight&quot; look. (I figured I would put that little disclaimer thing in to warn people that if they make the shell it will melt and there is no getting it back.)
<p>Nice! If I had access to KNO3 I would probably add a little more of it with some sulfur maybe, to get more smoke.</p>
Oh yeah good idea, and I don't know if you've already checked on this but I got mine from Walmart for $4. It was sold as &quot;Spectracide Stump Remover&quot;.
<p>Yeah, but where I live thy don't sell stump remover, and any kind of obvious chemicals that could be used in explosives are ilegal...</p>
Oh that sucks, well if you can at least access black powder I suppose you could just use more of that... You can get a decent amount of smoke from just black powder.
<p>Well I guess where potassium nitrate is under regulation, black powder is accessable at every gas station ;). I wonder why such explosive compounds are available in a country like the US. Oh, yeah they sell guns at wallmart too. Haha.</p>
<p>Nice work! Now we can all use this stuff and create smoke in the math class!!(just kidding) </p>
Hate to break it to ya but that rod is flint and the rest is magnesium
Kipkay made this a few years ago

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