I did this small project in about 2 hours for my cousin who turned 3. He loved and everyone else who as at the party like it as well

Step 1: Find Your Wood

First you want to find a piece big enough, this all depends on how big you want it

Step 2: Draw

Your going to want to tape it down a

Step 3: Cutting It Out

I used a Jig Saw to cut it out because that is what i had accesses to at the time.

Step 4: Add the Lights and Back

I used little spacers to make space to but the lights behind the batman symbol to make it pop and look good. the back i just pre-drilled holes the screwed little screws in

Step 5: Finally Spray Paint

I sprayed it black because it batman and when its dark the symbol pops out more then a lighter color.

Step 6: Sit Back and Enjoy It :)

Your done.

<p>This looks pretty cool. Nice work!</p><p>Did you happen to snap any photos of the process as you were making this? If you did, those would be great to add to the steps ;)</p>
<p>Sorry I dint because i was just worried about getting it done</p>
<p>No worries! Next time you make something, I hope you'll consider snapping a few photos along the way. It's a little more work, of course, but it's also really fun! ;)</p>

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