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Step 1: Find Inspiration

Step 2: Cut It

Only ever use gas bottles from companies that have gone out of business otherwise you couldn't land yourself in trouble. Bottles remain the property of the company even if they're empty. Before cutting make sure it's empty, smash off the top with a big hammer and fill with water to displace any left over gas.

Step 3: Facial Features

I used some box section to create the nose, cheeks and eyebrows.

Step 4: Ears and Ears

More box section for the bat ears and some flat plate for the man ears.

Step 5: A Stern Face

I was unsure whether to go for a door on this burner but glad I did.

Step 6: Air Intake and Door Latch

Because there is only a small hole in the front of the burner I was worried that the fire wouldn't get enough oxygen. I decided to place an air vent on the side with batwing detailing.

Step 7: In the Raw

Step 8: Paint

All my burners are finished in UHT paint, this one got black and clear.

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Any design undertaken.

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What did you us for the whole metal frame?
you sir have a talent!!!!!!
<p>I was seriously impressed with R2D2 but I think I like this one more. Love to see a picture of this fired up. Well done</p>
This is really cool. Great craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing your project.
<p>You are awesome!</p>
This is simply amazing! I love the detail that you put into this. It's something that I would be proud to show off.

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