I was recently watching Batman Begins and my obsession with cool weapons and gadgets got me thinking. I was especially fascinated by the bladed vambraces that Batman uses to catch himself from sliding off the cliff. The design I eventually came up with is quite a simple one and is not very heavy on the pocketbook (as long as you have access to some necessary tools).

*WARNING! If made according to these directions, you will end up with a potentially deadly weapon...So I hold no responsibility as to how, where, or when you use it. Be smart and watch out where you are swinging your bladed vambraces!

Skip to the last step to see the bladed vambrace in action!

Step 1: Materials

 Depending on how strong you want your vambraces to be, your materials list might differ from what I ended up using. The thickness of metal I used can stand up to heavy use, whereas thinner metal will bend and dull more easily.

This is my materials list:
  - 14 gauge heat rolled steel
  - 18 gauge steel
  - several dozen carpet tacks 
  - small screw
  - black spray paint

List of needed tools:
  - ball peen hammer
  - throatless metal shear*
  - drill
  - drill bit (same width as the carpet tacks)
  - metal file/bench grinder
  - clamp(s)
  - bolt cutters

*I used a throatless metal shear because precision cuts on 14 gauge steel are otherwise very hard to make. Thinner and weaker metal (such as aluminum) can be cut by metal shears or a metal-cutting bandsaw.
If you are only making these vambraces for a costume, I suggest using aluminum, which provides the thickness without making it as hard to work with.

And have you thought of making them to sell
Hey @ineverfinishanyth have you ever tried welding and doing the full gauntlet from the movie or doing the double blades
<p>great got to love the vambrace, good work!</p>
<p>great got to love the vambrace, good work!</p>
<p>very cool, I am curious though what makes them illegal, not that the legality is of concern to me just curious.</p>
i had a crazy idea. make a hidden blade attached to this. I know, right?
welding = more strength. just a side note for those wanting to be idiots with these and go out trying to save themselves and another individual from falling off a cliff. that is all<br><br>p.s i love this ible :)
im designing bat armblades that can actually flip out
Epic dude you should totally re sharpen the edges after painting them to give it a silver edge believe me it'll look awesome, if done right.
Marvelous matey! Stellar job. :)
Awesome! could you show i pic of what it looks like on??
The video link on the last step shows the vambrace in use....and shows it attached to my arm as well.
Ah ok, Sweet!
I always wanted to do some of those. Great work

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