Batmobile With Hidden Thumb Drive


Introduction: Batmobile With Hidden Thumb Drive

Batmobile With hidden thumb drive I know its not hidden like hard to find but if you did`nt know it was there you would`nt suspect it. while i was modding it to fit the usb drive i added actual working brake lights with console hand brake switch. If you like please remember to rate and comment thank you.



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    Is this the 1/25 scale ERTL model? Or the smaller Bandai one with the slide-out turbine?

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    it is the one with the slide out turbine

    Oh ok. I have the ERTL kit from 1989 (just got it...haven't put it together yet haha) and remembered seeing yours. Got me thinking :-P

    I might turn mine into a wifi adapter haha Kinda wish there was a way to turn it into an external hard drive but it's not big enough.

    why did'nt you build the thumb drive right into the removable engine, BTW I have the same model

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