Batteries No More! (LM2596 on Trimmer)





Introduction: Batteries No More! (LM2596 on Trimmer)

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Ever wanted to stop using crazy amounts of AA batteries for small devices and wanted to plug it in the wall instead? Well then just use this Basic regulator LM2596.

No, I couldn't have used rechargeable batteries, because I don't want to bother recharging them : I already use some for other applications.

The LM2596 Module can regulate an input voltage of 4.5v to 40v into an output voltage of 1.5v to 37v.

Materials :

-Device you want to mod that uses batteries, in this case, a trimmer

-LM2596 3.33$ DC to DC Step-Down Transformer Module

-12 volts, 1 or 2 amps output wall adapter

-Welding iron, with electrical rosin core solder

-Sealant for making the handle

-Glue Gun

-Small wires

-Multi Meter

-Mini flat head Screwdriver

Step 1: Will It Fit In?

Step 2: Welding, Gluing, Taping

Step 3: Fix the Right Voltage

The right voltage is 1.5 Volts.

Initially it was at 12 V , before the voltage drop (like the adapter's output).

Step 4: Craft the New Handle

DO NOT USE THIS SEALANT. Its too long to dry and it doesn't give a good result.

Apply about 1 cm of sealant around the previously tape covered part.

Let dry for 7 days. Then give it the shape you want.

Step 5: Final Part : Paint It



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    18 Discussions

    I'm a bit surprised at the 12v wall socket and DC as well. I'd need a 120v AC hack to start from.

    3 replies

    Don't get your panties in such a knot. I was on a smartphone and I just didn't see it in the list of stuff and assumed they were starting from scratch.

    the 120v at the outlet is dropped by the power supply you plug in the wall... just like when you charge any other 12v device.. the power suppy he soldered to the voltage regulator which he then soldered to the razor is whats happening.. no one has 12v outlets

    I'd love to see one with a micro usb recharger and rechargeable batteries

    That would be the best solution, trimming with a cable hanging around isn't allways that interesting ...

    A 14500 cell and a dummy cell seems like an interesting mod.

    You could just use a 1.5 v dc adapter. I've seen them before and they are switchable at the source which would cut down at the bulk of the clippers. But I suppose for the price you would be better off with just buying a cheap set of clippers.


    3 years ago

    I'd recommend Oogoo, or Sugru for the handle.

    1 reply

    Yes: add corn starch to regular silicone to make it cure quickly all the way through.

    Or just buy rechargeable batteries and still cut costs

    1 reply

    I have one of these too and I go through a 6 pack of batteries in like a month

    1 reply

    Use rechargeables!!!! the poor environment. ..or buy a rechargeable shaver. ..this is really a travel or styling shaver.

    they sell clippers like that at Walmart for $10

    1 reply

    Great Idea, Hoping after the adhesive application the trimmer is still waterproof :) ..Thanks for sharing this , i will have to try it on my old trimmer..