Battery Adjustable Power Supply - Ryobi 18V





Introduction: Battery Adjustable Power Supply - Ryobi 18V

Build up a DPS5005 (or similar) into a Ryobi One+ battery powered adjustable power supply with a few electrical components and a 3D printed case.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:

3D printed case. Files at: Thingiverse

Ryobi One+ battery

DPS5005 power supply or equivalent (DPS3003, DPS3005)

Combined red/black binding post

2 spring contacts

2 screws for securing the spring contacts

2 ring connectors for attaching to the spring contacts

2 ring connectors for attaching to the binding posts

18 inches of 18 gauge wire

I put a few electrical kits together if you want to buy all the small pieces in 1 package: E-bay Small components

I also have a kit with the 3D print included too incase you can't 3D print your own: E-bay Case and Small Components

Step 2: Install the Binding Posts

The stack up I used is laid out in the picture. You will want to attach the wires to the ring terminals before screwing them down.

Step 3: Install the Power Supply Into the Case

This should just be a press fit into the case. You can use a little adhesive if it won't hold on its own.

Step 4: Install Battery Terminals and Wires

This is probably the most challenging part. You need to install the 2 battery spring contacts, on top of them are 2 more ring terminal attached to wires and then screws to attach them both to the case. My battery has + and - markings on the top. I used these to get the polarity correct for the wiring.

Step 5: Connect Wires to the Power Supply.

The last steps is to attach the wires to the power supply. The wiring is pretty straight forward. The battery contacts and the input and the binding posts are the output.

Step 6: ENJOY!

Clip in your 18V Ryobi battery and enjoy your adjustable power supply without being tied to a power outlet.

Files for case

Electrical components (except DPS)

Case and Electrical components (except DPS)



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