Battery Backup for Cordless Telephone Base Unit

Step 4: Assembly

Picture of Assembly


Assembly is pretty basic if you refer to the schematic drawing.  If I had paid closer attention to the size of the battery holder vs the inside of my box, I would not have had to do some work with my dremel tool to grind down some inside corners of my box to have things fit properly.

I used a piece of double sided tape to attach the small relay to the side of the battery holder.  These two parts then fit snugly into the case.  I then soldered the rest of the wires to the exposed connections on the relay.  Your relay should come with a diagram showing which pins are for which purpose.

I then made a small notch in the side of the case for the input / output power cables to exit.  A small cable tie on the inside of the box provides strain relief for the cables.

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Exiumind4 years ago
nice and simple ideia, how could i miss that =P
but in my case, the circuit must recharge the batteries automatically when not in use (Li-ION) hmmmm..
but for now i will stick to your ideia, thanks alot for sharing this m8 =D