Battery + Gum Wrapper = Fire! (Video)





Introduction: Battery + Gum Wrapper = Fire! (Video)

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In this project I will show you how to start a fire using a AA battery and a chewing gum wrapper.

You can also watch the video below where I demonstrate how its done.

If you prefer to use the flint and magnesium survival fire starter, watch how to use that in this video.

Let me know if you try it and if it was helpful.
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Continue reading the other steps if you prefer written instuctions with pictures.

Step 1: What You Need

1) AA battery ( a good one, duracell, energizer or a rechargeable one). Other batteries like AAA or 9V might not work.

2) Gum wrapper

3) Scissors

Cut each wrapper into 3-4 long strips.

then cut each strip as in the 2nd pictures with wide ends but thin centers.(about 2mm)

One way you can achieve this is by folding it lengthwise ad the cutting diagonally from the ends to the center.

Step 2: Do the Connections

Touch the foil ends of the wrapper strip to the battery.

Instantly the center of the strip will burst into flames.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Fire

Now, if you're ever on a camping trick and cannot find your lighter. Just grab a wrapper and a flashlight battery, gather some tinder and sit back and enjoy your bonfire.



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    My wrapper smokes for 3 seconds but won't start on fire. Is it because I used an Extra brand wrapper?

    holy crud this is super easy and i hav been trying to figure out how tomake something like this forever!

    what about if you will use cigarette foil pack as igniter instead of gum foil, can do the job?

    A definate item for my GoBag..


    This could be used in multiple ways but I liked it most as a party trick instead of a regular fire starter.

    isnt it dangereus to have batterys and fire right nex to each other like that

    1 reply

    Ive tried it like a hundred times just for fun. The flame goes out in a matter of seconds. If you're careful, there shouldn't be any trouble :)

    This is quite interesting.