Battery Hack for Digital Camera





Introduction: Battery Hack for Digital Camera

Videos shows you how to make a battery eliminator for a digital camera, out of
 household items. Great for tripods and stationary shots.



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    Soldering to paperclips and other non-copper metals can be difficult -- what heat and solder did you use?


    BTW: I did something similar for an Olympus voice recorder. I used two wood dowels and wrapped one end with aluminum foil. I'm not handy and it wasn't smooth sailing, but worked in the end.

    I did a thing as this, but I used two pieces of BIC pen, the length of an AAA type battery. I solder a thin wire on a round piece of brass sheet, and put it on each end of the BIC tubes. I had the cables exit through a small slot in the battery compartment, and closed the lid of this as if instead of plastic pipes have batteries. Everything went perfectly, fortunately


    Thanks! I tried this with a car battery, and now my arms have melted. Lucky I'm good at typing with my toes.

    Car batteries are VERY STRONG, about 65 Amperes or more. One must be very careful with them.
    • 20 or more years ago I burn off an electronic organ in that manner.
    • An acquaintance of mine, his wedding ring get red for a short circuit repairing his car. They had to cut the ring with pliers to take it off.