Introduction: Battery Hack for Digital Camera

Videos shows you how to make a battery eliminator for a digital camera, out of
 household items. Great for tripods and stationary shots.


sb4 (author)2013-05-10

Soldering to paperclips and other non-copper metals can be difficult -- what heat and solder did you use?

sb4 (author)sb42013-05-10

BTW: I did something similar for an Olympus voice recorder. I used two wood dowels and wrapped one end with aluminum foil. I'm not handy and it wasn't smooth sailing, but worked in the end.

rimar2000 (author)2011-03-22

I did a thing as this, but I used two pieces of BIC pen, the length of an AAA type battery. I solder a thin wire on a round piece of brass sheet, and put it on each end of the BIC tubes. I had the cables exit through a small slot in the battery compartment, and closed the lid of this as if instead of plastic pipes have batteries. Everything went perfectly, fortunately

ARTYFISHALL (author)rimar20002011-07-17

Thanks! I tried this with a car battery, and now my arms have melted. Lucky I'm good at typing with my toes.

rimar2000 (author)ARTYFISHALL2011-07-18
Car batteries are VERY STRONG, about 65 Amperes or more. One must be very careful with them.
  • 20 or more years ago I burn off an electronic organ in that manner.
  • An acquaintance of mine, his wedding ring get red for a short circuit repairing his car. They had to cut the ring with pliers to take it off.

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