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Introduction: Battery Level Indicator

Hi everyone, It's me Balsuryana!. I'am back with some electronics projects! In this projects, i will show you how to make a Battery Level Indicator.

I got this idea because i need this tools for indicate my powerbank battery level, so i made this tools. No more talking, LET'S MAKE IT!

Step 1: What You Will Need?

  • HT3786 (LCD drive power detection)
  • Battery level LCD (6 legs LCD) (Image 2 and 3)
  • 2 Ceramics capacitor (capacitor code: 104)
  • 220 uf, 10v Capacitor
  • Some cables


  • Soldering iron

Step 2: The Circuits

This is the circuits, you just follow this circuit. Please click the image for zoom the image and more visible.

  • C1 = 220 uf
  • C2 = Ceramic capacitor
  • C3 = Ceramic capacitor

Step 3: Solder the Circuits

Before soldering, you can follow the circuits using breadboard, just insert the Legs to the breadboard, and you can modification the circuits. If you want to solder the circuits, you can use perfboard or you can make the pcb.

If you solder it without anything, it's look like image! :)

Step 4: Let's Test It

If you finish solder your circuits, connect the negative and positive input to battery. This tools can turn on using less than 3 Volts. You can add resistor to the positive input, so you can use more voltage from battery to indentification more voltage battery level.

And thats it! this instructables is finish!

Thanks for look my works

I hope you like this

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Thanks for look my works! :D



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can we use other LCD like calculator lcd?

can it take 9.8 volts ? please answer

It can. you just need to added the resistor to the input voltage

and if it does, does it take NI-MH ? please answer


Looks like all the components you have used are second hand as I can see the old tin still on the legs of your components ?
So I think you just used an old one and took it apart just to rebuild it out of the box it originally came in

before i take the image and upload it to Instructables, i am test the circuit first and its works, so i unsolder again the circuit. after that, i go to take the picture and i solder it again.

Thanks for look my works:n)

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ... right

balsurana - Ozzy called it correctly - what vendor / store would sell such obviously used parts.

thank you wery clear connection