This instructable is for a cigar box guitar amp, powered by a 9V battery, that I built around the MintyAmp circuit board found on MintyAmps.com. The entire cost was under $30, but could be less depending on what parts you already have laying around. 

Step 1: Materials

-1- Cigar Box (mine was about 9x9x2 inches with walls thick enough to stay sturdy) ($3)
-1- MintyAmps Base Model (assembled) from mintyamps.com/store/index.php  (7.45 + shipping)
-2- small speakers (mine were about 2.5 inches in diameter taken from a cheap set of computer speakers) ($1)
-1- SPSD on/off toggle switch ($2 or so?)
-1- Volume knob/ potentiometer with as low resistance as possible  (free because I already had it)
-1- mono 1/4 inch jack  ($2 or so ?)
-1- 9 volt battery connector ($2 for a pack of 5)
-1- 9 volt battery (free with circuit board)
-2- 9 volt battery holders ($1.50 for pack of 2)
- extra wires (free, take them from anything)
Does this work with any kind of speakers?:P
My husband bought me one on line and I love it. However, I can't wait to try and make my own. THANKS,
I'm amazed with the design, i love the wooden speaker hole/gril effect. <br> <br>Can you add a gain control somehow??? <br> <br>I've started a blog for my first CBG build here <a href="http://www.dirtyguitarguide.com">dirtyguitarguide.com</a>
Hi! Great Instructable! I am planning on building my own guitar this week and now I think I might just build this too! The only question I ask, is what is the point of the circuit board? Can I make it without that? (I am trying to get everything in one trip and don't really want to order anything) Thanks!
The circuit board is the actual amplifier. If you know how to wire up an amplifier circuit from scratch then I guess you wouldn't need it, but that's beyond my abilities. I think on the site I linked to it lists all the specific pieces that are on the board. You could probably get them all at radio shack and wire it up yourself.
Hello,<br /> <br /> This seems interesting to make.<br /> The link for the &quot;MintyAmps&quot; show a empty page, which one can a use instead?<br /> <br /> Thanks.<br /> <br /> David<br />
&nbsp;Well it looks like they don't have the Pre-assembled PCB on their site right now. I'm assuming it will be back eventually, but if not, the link to the kit (Which includes the base PCB and all the components, just not assembled) is here.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <a href="http://mintyamps.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&amp;cPath=1&amp;products_id=2" rel="nofollow">mintyamps.com/store/index.php</a><br />
Ho, Thanks, I'm not really good for all that electronic things.<br /> I'll wait for the assembled one.<br /> <br /> David<br />
&nbsp;I actually just finally got an electric too, so I'll record and post clips of both within the next few days. Great idea!
You said that you use this with an acoustic?&nbsp; Any chance you could post a sound clip?&nbsp; Also, what do you suppose it would sound like with a bigger speaker and larger box?&nbsp; Any ideas?&nbsp; Thanks.&nbsp; Nice project.<br />
Quite nice, how does the sound alter open/shut?<br /> <br /> L<br />
&nbsp;The sound is a little bit more full when the cover is closed, I didn't think the small box would give too much resonance, but it does enough.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> The real difference between open/ shut seems to be feedback. I've been using an&nbsp;acoustic&nbsp;guitar with a peizo-electric pickup which feeds back easier than most, and with the cover closed, I can bring the sound-hole of the guitar to within a foot of the speakers before it starts to feed back. With the cover open, I have to back up to about 3 feet or I get some unwanted feedback. &nbsp;<br />
Thanks, that's interesting. Box closed you've got some effects on the back-sides of the speakers, copy and past this info' into step 5?<br /> <br /> L<br />
&nbsp;Thanks! I've been playing with it some more the last few days, and surprisingly, the battery is still holding up extremely well! It seems that you can easily get several hours of continuous use out of one 9 volt battery! This is even with 2 speakers wired in parallel, as opposed to the circuit's intended single smaller speaker.&nbsp;
Very cool.&nbsp; Thank you for including the info and battery life.&nbsp; I definitely going to give this one a try.&nbsp; I recently downsized at home and have been looking for an &quot;interestng&quot; amp to replace my full size amp with.&nbsp; <br />
Now that is a sexy amp!&nbsp; It definitely has the coffeeshop/museum feel.&nbsp; Very nice idea!<br />

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