Battery Powered Phone Charger (3 Pc Set)

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Hi, today I'm going to show you a very simple and safe way to build a battery powered phone charger! Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything you do resulting from this instructable. First things first! Materials: 1: a 4AA battery holder purchased at radio shack. I recommend one with an on/off switch since they're the same price (You can use a 9v battery with a 9v battery clip it's just personal preference and rechargeable AA are cheaper) 2: a Zener diode purchased in a pack of 2 from radio shack 3: last but not least a female USB cord or a male that you change to a female using this instructable Tools: Wire strippers Soldering iron (optional) Steps: these are short and fairly straightforward. Go ahead and put batteries in (rechargeable works best) 1 bend the Zener diode so the silver ends form a "u" and a right angle with the middle thing 2 attach the red wire of the battery pack to the end of the diode with the black stripe ( and yes it's opposite colors I know) 3 attach the black wire from the battery pack to the opposite side 4 strip all four wires of the female USB chord 5 twist or solder the white and green wires together. 6 attach the red wire to the side of the diode with the black stripe closer to the end then the other red wire 7 attach the black wire to the other side also closer to the end than the other black wire P.s. when I say attach you can either solder or twist Tape female USB to battery pack for easier carry and enjoy your charger!!!!!
dudes2 months ago

do you know how the zener diode limits the voltage from 6 (6.5 if batteries are brand new) to five volts?

dan2525 (author) 2 months ago
I recommend 7805 if u can get one though
dan2525 (author) 2 months ago
It outputs even 5volts. I haven't checked amps but it has worked fine. I was goin to use a 7805 but didn't have a store locally that has one and couldn't order one
dudes2 months ago

why the zener diode? from my understanding they block current in one direction until the voltage exceeds a certain "breaking point" at which it permits current flow both ways. I dont see how that applies here. you should use a 7805 voltage regulator instead, it limits the voltage from 7-35 volts to 5 volts, the required voltage of a usb. please respond.

dudes2 months ago

Do you know what the output is in volts and amps?

dan2525 (author) 8 months ago
Ps sry for the clutter. This is my first instructable
dan2525 (author) 8 months ago
Feel free to comment any questions

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