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Introduction: Battery Powered Plane DIY

Learn how to make battery powered plane out if styrofoam. It is super easy to make and costs less then 2 dollars.

Here's what you need:
styrofoam sheet
DC motor
sourcingmap 5PCS Electric DIY Toys DC 1.5V-3V 18000RPM Magnetic Micro Motor


DeeRC Upgraded 2 x 3.7V 650mAh 25C Lipo Rechargable Battery for X5, X5C, X5SC, X5SW M68R and Cheerson CX-30W RC Quadcopter Drone, Guarantee More 18-Minute Flight Time

on/off switch
clear tape.

Step 1: WATCH VIDEO!!!

To see my plane in flight, and detailed video on how to make this cool plane, watch video at the beginning of instructable. This will give you better idea of what and how. click link bellow.


Step 2: Cut Out Wings and Tail

First thing you do is cut out wing and tail out of styrofoam like shown. also try to remember physics class, what they said about wings aerodynamic shape. tail will be sane shape like wing just smaller.

Step 3: Wrap in Clear Tape and Assemble

Plane has to be light yet durable. styrofoam brakes easily. to prevent that wrap wings and tail in clear tape. you will be able to bend wings in shapes and they won't brake when crush. then find straight wooden stick and attach wings and tail to it as shown. remember about wings angle, as it will result plane to go up or glide in air. Once again, to better understand what I mean, Please watch video.

Step 4: Propeller, Motor, Battery

Right, so propeller can be made out of a lot of things, I decided to cut plastic card in 3 strips and glue them together then I used hot glue guns heat to bend them in propeller shape. or you can use candle. Important, motor and battery need to be as light as possible. as this will result hight of your plane. I used 3v DC motor and 3,6v 150mah battery. connected them and placed on of switch. then used two left pieces of plastic strips to tape all thing to be as one. Finally attached engine to the plane. Give it a test you probably will need to make few adjustments on wing angle and motor placement. try till it fly. :)
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    Nice one buddy. Few suggestions though,

    1) for the power to weight ratio try to install the motor in the middle of the plane somewhere then you can avoid those nose dives.

    2) you may want to find a mechanism to bring it down when it starts flying since it is not Rc.


    worth a visit.

    You will get more mileage out of a bought propeller - very cheap - and for a little more a better power for weight ratio motor ideally a brushless motor but then your going to need and ESC to drive it.

    If you don't want to go the radio control route you can buy or make from a 555 timer

    a servo tester for a couple of $ this will drive the ESC and the motor at a pre set speed.

    Most importantly have fun and stay safe.

    cool, though you could cut loose the rudder and elevator and use those for trimming.