Picture of Battery Powered Portable Amplifier

This is one of two portable speaker systems i wanted to build. I used the LM386 circuit from my previous instructable and incorporated it into this portable speaker system. It is a single channel (mono) speaker system which lights up blue in the background when you turn it on. I hope you enjoy this one and feel free to give me suggestions or ask me to clarify anything that may be confusing.

Tis s juz a re publication:

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Step 1: Apparatus Required

Picture of Apparatus Required
All Components (except for Acrylic Sheet) can be found at RadioShack.

Multipurpose PCB with 417 Holes painted black
4.5-9 Volt DC power supply (3 or 4 AA or 9v Battery)
8 Ohm Speaker
Audio Source e.g. iPod
Acrylic Sheet from "Lowe's"
Project box
2X Blue Square LED's
Mono Audio Jack
8-Pin Retention Contact
IC1      IC                                       LM386 Audio Amp IC
R1      Resistor                            10 Ohm
R2      Resistor                            1K Ohm
R3      Potentiometer                  5K Ohm
R4      Resistor                           10 Ohm
C1      Capacitor                         220 Micro Farad
C2      Capacitor                         10 Micro Farad
C3      Capacitor                         220 Micro Farad

Step 2: Structure ur components

Picture of structure ur components
Arrange components the best you can using the wiring diagram. i placed them as close together as i could, but it may be easier to spread them out a little more or breadboard this circuit first. I highly suggest breadboarding first just to get a feel of the arrangement, prior to soldering.

Step 3: Build the body

Picture of Build the body
I used about a 3 X 4 inch project box from RadioShack that fit the speaker i found appropriately. you can use any size you please, but for me the smaller the better to help with the portability part. I cut and trimmed up an acrylic sheet i got from Lowe's (or possibly Home Depot).  install the standoffs at this point also.  i drilled a small hole (not displayed in any pic) that i fed the battery wires through, the batteries are installed on the outside on the back.

Step 4: Circuit Diagram

Picture of Circuit Diagram
Look through the wiring diagram to see what components need to be connected to what prior to soldering. This is a modification of my LM386 instructable (
krmartin31 year ago
"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Great job on this featured instructable.
ahah! Krmartin3, of course in retrospect my compliments are for your original work! ;-)
Guess i won't be replying this politely if someone stole my stuff.Just posted it in the forum(should get the attention of the instructable staff).He is hopefully going to get Booted out of this site.
very good tutorial, thanks for sharing!
He stole someone's Instructable(copied everything)
see for yourself
Totally agreed the first instructable is one of in my favourite list.
sharkupsantosh (author)  samalert1 year ago
i agree i jus wanna make a worth one popular
this isn't "Making a worth one popular"...
this is stealing someone else's work and claiming it as your own.
It's plagiarism.
You didn't even bother to give credit. I might have seen it okay if you at least posted somewhere that it was not actually yours.
Still even, you should post the link, and not steal a whole instructable if you want to make someone's instructable more popular.
Have you anytime read the rules or regulations if not you seriously need to spend time on. Secondly please stop bragging about things vomiting senseless stuff. If you really agree with me you should have at the start or end atleast for keeping your dignity and respecting have mentioned the original source from where you have copied. Its ridiculous ! Utter shame !
Same here,the first one has been on my favourite's list since i joined this site, sharkupsantosh just copied it & is given a pro membership(for a featured instructable),i was like WTF man.........he got a pro membership just by copying an instructable!!!.
Looks good! The speaker is 8 many watts? Thank you.
juliogrn1 year ago
hello I'm from Brazil and would like to know if I need to change anything if they put a more powerful speaker and how do I make one with 4 speaker and good sound quality. and congratulations for the very good tutorial
sharkupsantosh (author)  juliogrn1 year ago
We use mono Pin (single input) so we use single speaker. If We use Sterio pin (left,Right) audio can b played.use sterio pin and configure it and connect to two speaker.
upto mee i can make only two way sound but not 4 way.... configutarion