Battery Powered USB Charger





Introduction: Battery Powered USB Charger

In this instructable I will be making a tutorial on building your own portable battery powered charger to charge all your USB devices!

Step 1: Obtain Parts

-9v battery clip (two is better but one works fine)+ batteries (rechargeable are more efficient)
-Female USB port (salvaged mine from a USB hub
-7805 regulator (or any other regulator that outputs 5v@1-2 amps.
-Altoids tin (or any other housing)
-Optional switch

Step 2: Identify Pins

You need to identify the pins for the positive and negative on the USB and also the input/output of the regulator.

Step 3: Begin Soldering/Assembly

-If you are using one battery skip this step: solder the positive of one clip to the positive of the other battery clip and do the same to the negative (series)
-Solder the negative coming from power to the first pin of your regulator
-Solder the negative from the USB and the negative from the power to the middle pin of the regulator
-Solder the positive from the USB to the third pin of your regulator

Step 4: Schematic



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I can get it to charge another USB device but not an iPhone 4 or 5. What did I do wrong?

because you need to use two 100 ohm resisters connecting between the D-, D+, and 5+ volt terminals

iDevices are unique in their charging ports. They need a voltage on one of the data pins, in addition to the typical 5V USB current, to charge correctly. I don't have all the details but I'm sure you can google for this information.

Make sure the batteries are putting out at least 5v overall, and make sure the charging cable works. If you need anymore help, feel free to comment again ^.^

why 1 to 2 amps? i feel it would be too much for a phone charging. tell me if i m wrong

Some newer Android devices (and iWhatever gadgets, too) need higher charging current. I know my Transpyre won't charge with the USB adapter from my little brick phone, even though both are 5V USB chargers.

is there any other steps. im using the free account

When storing multiple 9v batteries together always electrical tape the ends. Just a safety tip to prevent possible fires.

I just stuck them in the box to show how it all fits. I would never store them bare. I store them by removing the wire off a 9v battery clip and subsequently attaching the batteries to the clip.