Battery Powered USB Car Charger!





Introduction: Battery Powered USB Car Charger!

Here's what I randomly figured out. Using just a 9V Battery to charge your device. The only problem is that you may need to turn off your device to get it charged as the battery consumption when your device is on is higher than how much it's charged. Not an native English speaker so I'm sorry for any grammatical errors.
If possible, give me some advice on increasing the voltage of the 9v to 12v so that it charges the device!

Step 1: Materials

What you need:
1) A Car Charger, take the plastic off.
2) Button Switch
3) 9V battery
4) 9V battery clipper
5) Some wires
6) Soldering Irons
7) Soldering tool
8) Project Enclosure (optional)
9) USB cable for your device

Step 2: How to Solder All These Things Together

This is pretty self-explanatory. Connect the red wire from the battery clipper (Positive) to the switch then to the Spring part of the charger. Then solder the black wire to the metal strip beside the USB charger .

Step 3: Done

Solder everything together and it's all done!
P/S: I need some help to increase the voltage from 9V to 12V. Does 9V battery+x2 1.5V battery works?



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use 2 new 9v batteries in series. that will give you 18v. ALL Car chargers will allow 10-30 vdc input and output 5vdc all day long.

Try using 2 pcs of 9volt battery in series. 18v. Don't know if 12v usb charger work. But there's many car cigarette chargers working on 12-24volt. Good luck :)

yes adding 1.5 volt batterys in series will up the voltage to 12 volt but you wont to take note of is the mah rating of each battery the lowest mah rating will disharge first you could use aa or d size batterys if you use 1.5 volt ones then 8 will do if you use 1.2 volt rechargeable you will need 10 for 12 volt

Will the Car Remote battery works well? It says 12V but it seems doesn't hold much charge


Put them in parallel + to + - to - this will keep the voltage but up the capacity of the battery bank really you won't rechargables

You should not mix different (voltage and capacity) cells to form one power supply

To answer you question... I don't know. You could try that but I'm not sure if that will cause them to explode. You best option is probably to go get a 12 volt battery, although they are very rare.