We love them, we game with them, and they stand as one of the greatest mobile consoles off all time. But you still can't play them in the dark. In this project I fix one of the Gameboy colour's  most annoying flaws without the use of the unreliable, damaging and invasive frontlight mod and with the help of our favorite gelatinous silicone based putty, SUGRU.

Step 1: Prototyping

To begin this project I needed to get a feel about the height, angle and intensity of light I would be using to light the Gameboy. i gathered all the components i would need to construct a basic On/Off circuit with an LED light source.

-soldering iron
-set of crocodile grippers

-3v cell battery 
-3 lengths of wire
-high lumen LED

Fantastic !!! Lovely project, great ible.
ible :P ?
ible is short for Instructable. I'm borrowing the term from others but I kinda like it :)

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