This is my first instructable, so bear with me on this. I wanted to build a speaker system that I would be able to take with me to work. Along with allowing the option of charging usb devices (phone, or media players). So with all the stuff I brought to work everyday to take along with me in the truck. It was beginning to be a big hassle, so I decide it was time to bring all the components into one to easy to carry, somewhat lightweight box.

Step 1: Items You'll Need.

So here's the list:
Cheap set of usb powered speakers
Some wire, I used a RJ45 LAN network wire, and the excess from cutting the speaker wire down.
Portable backup battery supply, mine is a 16,000mAH, with 5 usb ports.
Thin cover material, such as a bottom of a dresser drawer.
And a case, I used a case from a cheap dremel tool, I had got for free.

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