Battery Safety With Sugru


Introduction: Battery Safety With Sugru

We spotted some 12V gel-cell batteries at Northackon's Sugru build night. But only some had safety tags on the positive connectors. Aha, a job for Sugru!

Step 1: Make Sugru Blob

This Instructable is very very simple.

  • Take a small piece of Sugru (preferably Red) and roll it into a small blob.
  • Place the blob around the battery terminal such that it will be able to slide out one side once set.
  • Shape to make it look nice.

Step 2: Clean Fingers

That done, it's time to clean up.

We found that Sugru sticks well... to your hands. After a lot of rubbing with paper towel it does come off, but it's more hard work than moulding the Sugru was in the first place.

Step 3: Wait...

Wait for the Sugru to set.

We were a little impatient so removed the first one too soon and it didn't come away cleanly. The second I left in the garage for a couple of days and forgot about. It was tight on, but came off reasonably cleanly. Quick cleanup of Sugru off the terminal and you've got a nice terminal cap to put on your battery.

We only did the positive ends, but with appropriate coloured Sugru it might be nice to do the negative too.



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