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Introduction: Battle Worn Plasma Rifle

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This is a project i have been working on for a while, ive always wanted a cool sci-fi gun, so i have decided to make one! The main bit is made from an old toner cartridge from work, my colleague pulled it out of the digital press and said 'woah plasma rifle, pop, pop!' and that was it, i knew it had to be made, basically i stuck various bits of crap on it, then spray painted it, there is a basic metal frame under there, but its hard to describe, this really was a make it up as u go project!

Anyhow, let me kno what you think, ive looked at it so much now that i cant tell if its good or not anymore!



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    It looks NOTHING like Ronon's gun!

    Sweet what gave you the idea.

    dude, nice, kinda sad that you did'nt make an 'ible from it, but it's really nice

    How I wished that my "make it up as u go" projects looked that nice... =P

    well, this isn't halo but its ok. heres an idea that would work here but not on the halo version: hollow out the barrel if it isn't already, assemble a small gauss rifle barrel inside, then attach a spring into the displacer and TA DA! you have a gauss gun that could potentially backfire and hit you! ps if u didnt know a gauss rifle is a miniaturized MAC gun pps MAC = magnetic accelerator cannon

     wow wow wee waa! thats awesome! to bad it can't shoot :(

    You coul build a simular looking rifle that could use aluminum foil and a fair bit of voltage to generate plsma, that would rock, coil gun would also work

    I hope thats your attempt at humour! :D

    could be made into a coil gun

    thanks again!

    Yeah, *twitch*.......*twitch*...must make more nice comments...more nice comments........

    thanks, check out my other ibles, if you like this, you will like my handgun!

    What parts did you use? like what toner cart was it etc? I'm interested in making a BB Gun version as I have a lot of electric air soft parts laying around and a lot of free time as well

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    hey! The main section (the barrel) is the part made from the toner cartridge. I then used a metal bar ontop to form the handle, The actual handle is made from cardboard and an old lynx shower gel bottle. everything ontop of that is quite specific, and really is just for decoration! Luckly for you, i do have replicas of most the main parts laying around. i will pop then together into a quick instructable for you if you like?