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Battleshots is a drinking game variation of the classic strategy grid game commonly known as Battleship.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

- 4 - 2' x 2' panels of plywood (I used MDF)
- 2" x 1" boards for boats (34" of boats total, I recommend at least a 48" piece to allow for cutting).
- 3 piano hinges, 12" long
- dowel pegs (I used 1/4" pegs, 3 packs of 72)
- shot glasses (plastic or glass, 34 total)

- Router with 1/16" bit
- Sanding equipment
- Drill with bits to fit dowel pegs (1/4") and to make cradles for shot glasses (1.5" bit on drill or drill press. See image of bit I used).

- Stain for panels and/or boats
- Hooks and eyes to hold panels together for storage
- Storage tubs for pegs and shot glasses (I found fishing tackle gear that did the trick).
armyofmike (author) 1 year ago
That is so cool! You took it to the next level, nice job!
Treknology1 year ago
"Hic! Shee Sheven!"
Very nice!
Here's another version from last year:

Very nice!
Here's another version from last year:
traumamike1 year ago
This is genius! Thanks for a great instructable!
armyofmike (author) 1 year ago
ha! Thanks. I've updated the Instructable to look a little less silly talking about dow rods. For now, it's going to be a house party and tailgating game. If I had the know-how to mass produce this thing, I absolutely would. As it happened this time, with time and supplies expenses, I'd probably need that $500 to make it worthwhile to make them to sell.

By the way... Awesome... I'm making a set!!!
jwright491 year ago
I saw this on jimmy Fallon. Awesome
79starfire1 year ago
Dowel. Dowel pegs. Pretty sure you really don't want to use Dow pegs.

Looks like a very cool take on a classic game. I agree with GrumpyOldGoat, that would be gold at a VFW hall.
armyofmike (author) 1 year ago
If I hit my opponent's boat on, say, C3, then my opponent would drink the shot that's resting on C3. I don't have any additional rules for sinking a boat, but if you want to make that part of your house rules, I say go for it!
Lost Moai1 year ago
If you make a "hit," who drinks? Is there an additional penalty for a sunk ship?
Patent it, find a mass producer in your country and market it to sports bars, military organizations, etc at no less than $499.00.

Bars and VFW Posts will make their money back in 3 days.
Ya it wouldn't work after awhile when your drunk
hmerchant1 year ago
Yes norsk, I mean monotonous monopoly.
You mean Monopoly? :P
hmerchant1 year ago
Awesome armyofmike , how about a drnking game for Monotony ? pass go and pass out.
Very creative!
jarthur61 year ago
bad a$$.... love it!
kretzlord1 year ago
Well done! Might have to try this for a new year's party game. And Welcome to the community!
roballoba1 year ago
I hope this is a team drinking game! Looks fun!!