I somehow always manage to wait right until the last minute to make the accessories I need for an outfit. For this cherry print dress, I cut it close, but did manage to finish a beaded velvet bag in time for the event.

The original idea I had was to make a cherry inspired purse, and although the finished project did not turn out exactly as planned, I am very pleased with the results.

Step 1: Testing the Pattern

I started with Vogue 7354 as a pattern. As drafted, there is hardly any room in the bag, and since I wanted more of a round shaped accessory that might resemble a cherry, I increased the diameter of the two circles that make up the front and back of the bag.

Before cutting into velvet or spending a lot of time beading said velvet, I mocked up a version in some scrap fabric. Yes, this does take a bit of time, but in the long run, it saves a lot of mistakes from being made. The muslin does not have to be pretty - those gathers are atrocious, but since I am going to rip the thing apart, it really doesn't matter! For one side of the mock-up, I added 1" to the diameter of the circle pattern piece, and on the other, I added 2". I preferred the larger of the two, so I went with that.

<p>so refine and classy outside, and the lining adds a touch of fancy inside :)<br>i agree, no leaf is better, it's too classy to fall into &quot;kawaii&quot; look.</p>
<p>spell check!!!</p><p>You would think I would learn to read before I hit the button.</p><p>This is so beautiful.</p>
<p>this is spool beautiful, just like all the other work you have posted.</p>

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