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Introduction: Beach Camp Turbine

I love to design & inventing something new with low cost. Here I would like to share what i've done.

here my new project for wind turbine ... design for beach campers to generate energy even at NIGHT !!

please do comment on my project .... your comment can help me improve it.....

Current problem :- need to increase amp. & also looking for small generator with low rpm ...

thanks dude



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    you could actually pack a ton of battery life in the base of that thing with some LiFePO4 batteries like this:

    Each battery is about the charge of one cell phone, so if you packed 20 or 25 in there you could quickly charge a whole party's worth of phones, ipads, etc. Of course it would weigh about 4.5 lbs or 2 kg, but that would only help keep it stable.

    This is a great start on something. I like how it can fold into itself. Making the square the size of the blade... Just needs better blades, batteries

    Great idea... you can also use the yaw control action for more efficient operation... give the information to others how u made that model.....

    If you make it directional with a tail put the thing on a tripod with rebar spikes in the PVC legs then it will be free standing on a sandy beach with no need for guy wires.
    The spikes push down into the sand and hold the tripod in place because they are on an angle.

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    This looks like an Ocean beach. On most of those the wind direction is pretty consistent. I know, for example, on Myrtle Beach the wind blows in all day and out all night. You would basically have to turn this twice during a 24 hour period.

    pretty cool project. I hope you share the how-to's.

    one thought. even in a wide open area there is often wind turbulence right at ground level (called the boundary layer in fluid dynamics). it would probably help you if you devised a swivel base for the fan with a fin so that the fan can respond to changes in wind direction and always be generating at maximum efficiency. also the higher you can get the fan off the ground the more you can get better air so maybe some extension tubes?

    I don't think that the fan that your using is the most efficient but i don't have a better suggestion. maybe do some google search's on wind turbines or mini wind turbines and look at the shape of their blades.

    Another thought that i had is you could put rechargeable batteries inside the base. batteries would provide power and also act as weights to keep the fan from being blown over. I don't know how you have that wired so your may be way ahead of me.

    Just a thought, you could put rechargable batteries inside the PVC pipe & let the generator charge them. Would give you extra current when needed.Don't forget a blocking diode or "motor" will drain batteries.

    You can improve a little the performance by doing horizontal the axis. Yours is tilted.

    Another tip: your propeller is not the best option, look other designs, they are not short and wide blades, they are long and narrow.

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    From looking at it the angle is probably a weight balancing issue, however I do agree that performance will be greatly improved by correcting it.

    more information would be appreciated and helpful, what motor did you use for the generator etc.. very interesting idea

    Maybe build some kind of gearbox to increase RPM between the fan blade and the generator?

    Wow! that's so awesome! Can you share with us the steps to making this?