Step 4: Neck Facing

It is hard to see in the first photograph, but I am putting the neck facing in.  The facing is a rectangular piece of fabric about 10 inches by 16 inches.  One edge of the neck facing extends about 4 inches beyond the center - lengthwise (the back,) and the opposite edge extends about 12 inches down the front.  The piece of fabric is centered between the side edges, and the right sides are together (and I matched the stripes.)

In the diagram, The "T" cutting line is in red. The top of the "T" is about 9 inches, and the base is about the same, but can be longer.

The diagram shows the stitching line in green.  I sewed this line. I re-enforced every corner. The "T" will be cut right up to the stitching lines.

I cut along the cutting line. 

I clipped the curves to the stitching.  On the corners that will form the tips in the neck opening, I cut the tips off diagonally, leaving the corner stitching intact.  This will make turning those points easier.
My mother used to make these when were kids! She used old towels so you could get dry and warm at the same time. She would even put a zipper up the front of some of them.
Thanks for this! I especially like your instructions about the facing. I always have trouble with facing, but now I think I can do it with fewer sad results! I'm definitely going to make several of these.
You are welcome; and thank you for your kind words.

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