Beach Hair





Introduction: Beach Hair

You don't have to live at the beach to look like you do!

No longer do you have to spend big bucks at the salon for their "beach look" products. Here's something much cheaper and simpler you can make at home.

Lemons naturally lighten hair, while salt adds the texture of sea breezes.

Use this simple, all-natural hair tonic to lighten and tousle those tresses, making it look like you spend your days in the sun and surf!

Step 1: Gather Up

All you need for this simple tonic are the following:

  • Six lemons
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • Water
  • Spray bottlle

Step 2: Nuke All the Lemons

You read that right!

Stick those little tarts in the microwave for about a minute to release all of their delicious, hair-brightening juices!

You'll be amazed at how juicy they are when you slice into them.

Step 3: Mix Your Magic Potion

Squeeze your lemons and add salt.

Pour into your spray bottle and shake it up!

Top off the rest of your bottle with water - preferably purified or distilled.

Spray into hair after washing to add texture and a matte finish that will fool everyone into thinking you spent the day at the beach!



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    thanks for that i am going to try it out and does your hair have to be drenched in the soultion

    I think is a little dangerous to spray lemon near your skin, and even worse if it's your face. You could get stained or something....

    2 replies

    u can't get stained on ur skin...

    it makes ur skin healthy

    dude i use honey on my face every day for the treatment of acne, and i can assure you that it does no damage whatsoever. it actually makes your skin healthier due to the vitamin C in it.


    I love it/ way better than expensive treatment

    Wouldn't your hair get all sticky from the juice?

    the matte finish is from the salt;) )lemon will gobe your hair a touch lighter and give it some sun kissed highlights... it also gives it a great smell. yes, you can use lemon from a bottle but its not quite the same. I used to spray lemon juice in my hair when I was younger... it gave me nice natural highlights. one of the buggest trends for haircare products right now is putting a sea or beach spray in your hair as a styling add...

    Does it stay in as if you do bleach your hair, or does it wash out?

    Does it stay in as if you did bleach your hair, Or is it just a few day thing?

    Love it:)

    What if you don't have a microwave ? They are not pc up here at all, lol.

    4 replies

    You could just roll the lemons on the counter (pressing firmly) to make it easier to juice them, but where is "up here? Microwaves save tons of energy over longer cooking methods. Not only do they use much less energy than an oven, but they release much less heat into the kitchen, which saves air conditioning costs, also. Aside from that, without a microwave I'd feel as if I'd regressed 40 years.

    I remember trying to streak my hair with lemon juice when I was a teen (a very long time ago). The acid from the lemons is harsh and can damage delicate hair, but so does sun and wind and, for that matter, other bleaching products. If that's the look you want, it's your hair.

    However, microwaves have brought in a ton more health problems so in my humble opinion, aren't worth the 'technological advance' as they are so toted. Considering that whatever you 'nuke' becomes dead and no longer worthy of consuming - why do it? There have even been studies done (by students) that nuked water and let it cool to water one plant and regular water on another plant. The nuked water plant died. Not surprising. Again, humble opinion (and granted this is an ooold conversation - but maybe somebody's researching some oooold things as I am) ;)

    I think you could freeze them instead and then let em defrost as this also would break all those small "juice pockets" :)

    It isn't absolutely necessary, but the warm temp does make it easier to juice them...otherwise let them sit out at room temperature for a while.

    Do not do this if your hair is darker than a light brown, or if you ever want to get your hair professionally colored. It is extremely harsh, and can cause irreversible damage. ( a kind warning from a professional hair colorist) Otherwise, have fun, and remember to use an intense conditioner after each application.

    2 replies

    SCARY! How does it do irreversible damage? As far as I can tell, it works by lessening pigmentation in the external hair shaft, and permanent damage usually comes from messing with the roots, right?

    Well to reverse it you could wait for it to grow out? Just like permanent hair color they scrape all over your head at the beauty salons...