Here is another creation of mine titled The Vivan a cute little lime green sarong made from an old towel that I had in my linen closet. I had such an amazing response to my Jiffy Beach Towel Cover-Up ( go check that out too!) that I just had to come up with a sequel. Here is the link to the pattern with the full directions.
Thanks so much
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Any one seen the duck dinasty when Willie wore a Soweong or what ever
How do I know what size to make it...want to make it for a relative who is a size 6 or 8
Wow - thanks for sharing - I'll definately try it. I have an embroidery sewing machine, so I think I'll put the name of my boat on it!
Thank you!! I love you idea- let me know how it turns out!!
is sarong a khmer word
What a cool idea!

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