Simple beach themed centerpiece that requires little work and is very pretty. Great for any beach event. Having a beach themed wedding? You can customize it with a numbered card or several tea lights. It also makes a great take home gift for someone at the end of the night. We used these center pieces at our wedding, and received lots of compliments!

You will need:

A Glass Bowl (any wide bowl or vase will do)
Shiny Pebbles
Faux Moss Covered Rocks

Step 1: Bowl or Vase

Make sure that your bowl is nice and clean. There is some debate as to whether the bowl should be low and flat or high. If you choose a fishbowl style container you will be able to see the layering of the different objects. I preferred a low bowl in order to see the different objects on top better.
Very cute.
Thanks a lot!
Thank you. :)
really nice!!:D
Thanks a bunch! They were really cool to have at the wedding!

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