Picture of Beach Tote Bag
Hi everyone this instructables is on how to make this large tote beach bag....summer is just around the corner and it could really make you look fashionable and relaxed at the same time.Let's go trough it !Enjoy
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Step 1: Gathering supplies

Picture of Gathering supplies

Sketch-put your idea on the paper,you could as well improvise on the way,but it's nice to wrap the hole story in a package
Pattern-My bag is size 70cm x 70 cm,my handle straps are also 70 cm x 15cm, i use another 35 cm x 35 cm for inside pockets!
Scissors;chalk;pins;zipper,iron,thread(desired colors),measuring tape
Fabric -i would say 1m / 1,5 yard(canvas & domestic) plus/minus for extra parts that you want to add
Fabric Dye-I usually buy blank off white canvas and dye it my self,but you can also skip this step by purchasing different color fabrics!
Heat transfer paper-so you can print your logo on for branding,i'm so lucky my boo designed mine
Sewing Machine-I have landed mine from, a good auntie neighbour !It's time to win my own ;) (i wish)

Step 2: Let's do it then!

Picture of Let's do it then!
First of all i purchase off white canvas with different fabric dye's(I use Dylon and Rit powder dye,somethimes liquid)
i then first cut my fabric,love the stripes for this season so i cut them 72 cm x 17 cm (a bit bigger then original pattern but they shrink once you dye them,wash them ,so make sure that you add some 4 cm for shrinking and for seams)I even invented bamboo measuring tape it works gr8.
Follow the instructions on the box and dye your canvas.
Wash it real good you don't want color leeking all over the place later!And make sure when you are drying that two different colors are not touching each other,in this wet stage they like to!So handle with care!
Iron press for nice and neat results
ahughes172 years ago
Im really sorry!! I love your bags and can't wait to give it a go but i accidentally pressed the little flag button and marked it as incomplete!! My sincerest apologise!!
Very cute! Love all the bright colors you use :)
laislabonita (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
If you happen to live in Caribbean colors would hit you real hard ...is all about colors here!I love it ,
Toooooo cute! love the colors and the design :)
laislabonita (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz2 years ago
Thank you,more i do it i get more ideas and this colors are so inspiring,they drive me to better and better design...Caribbean greenery plays a major role in inspiration as well!Have a nice day!
Looking forward to see more from you. I'm going to try this ible very soon. all your creations are super cute, love'em :)
laislabonita (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz2 years ago
OO gr8 you gonna love it is so simple tote bag yet is so fashionable!
Beautiful bags. The colors are wonderful. :D
laislabonita (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thank you dear! :)