Introduction: Bead Bracelet Update

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I have already made an Instructables on this bracelet, but the pictures were blurry and unclear, so I have decided to update it. I hope you like this bracelet, so enjoy=)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

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For this bracelet, you will need...
•Any Loom
•Look Pick or Crochet Needle
•Rubber Bands
•S-Clip or C-Clip

Step 2: Starting It Off

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To begin, take a single band and place as shown. Take another single band and place as shown. You will be using single bands during this whole bracelet.

Step 3: Go Down

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Using single bands, go down on both sides of your loom, leaving the last peg on both sides alone.

Step 4: Closing It Off

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Using single bands, close off the bracelet as shown.

Step 5: Down the Middle

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Using any color of your choice, go down the center of your loom with single bands.

Step 6: Making Beads

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For this step, you can either use loom bands or beads. To make a loom bead, wrap a single band around your hook four to five (4-5) times. Then slide that band onto a single band. Place on your loom as shown. If you would like to use beads, slide a single band through your bead and place as shown.

Step 7: Keep Making Beads

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Make more beads of your choice and place as shown.

Step 8: Cap Band

Picture of Cap Band

Take a single band and wrap it around the last peg in the center once, creating two loops as shown.

Step 9: Begin Looming

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To begin looming, go inside of your cap band and grab the top band, which will go forward. Then go inside again, grabbing the next band, which will go to your right. Go inside one last time, grabbing the last band that will go to your left.

Step 10: Down the Center

Picture of Down the Center

Loom down the center all the way to the top as shown.

Step 11: Loom the Left

Picture of Loom the Left

Loom the left side of your loom as shown.

Step 12: Loom the Right

Picture of Loom the Right

Loom the right side as shown.

Step 13: Closing It Off

Picture of Closing It Off

Loom the top as shown.

Step 14: Adding an Extension

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Leaving your bracelet the way as it is would be bad because it would cut off the blood circulation to your hand when worn, so you have to make an extension. To do this, go inside all of the bands shown, pulling a single band through them. Then pull a single band through that band as shown. Repeat this step until your bracelet can fit your wrist.

Step 15: S-Clip or C-Clip

Picture of S-Clip or C-Clip

Put your clip on your bracelet as shown.

Step 16: Fixing It Up

Picture of Fixing It Up

Pull your bracelet off your loom and take a look. The bracelet will look messy, put pull and push and tease and your bracelet will look better=)

Step 17: Connecting the Clip

Picture of Connecting the Clip

Clip your clip to the end of your bracelet as shown.

Step 18: Wear and Enjoy!

Picture of Wear and Enjoy!

Thank you so much for viewing! Hope you love your new bracelet and check out my other looming tutorials=)


pthud586 (author)2014-12-11

I love this thing

peach girl (author)2014-07-28

I have a request

What is your request?

loompiggytutorials (author)2014-07-23

I hope this doesn't sound dumb but how do I unpublish something=) Sorry!

wilgubeast (author)2014-07-23

Good photos! Go ahead and unpublish the other version if you don't want to confuse people about which one they should look at.

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