Picture of Bead Braided Barefoot Swim Sandal

Hi Friends! Summer is here!

This instructable is about Beaded Barefoot Sandal which is trendy and elegant. These barefoot swim sandal can be worn while swimming, on the beach, a pool side party or for a beach wedding.

The hand crafted sandal can be worn instead of swim shoes or flip flops. You don't have to worry if your flip flops are sinking in the sand or falling off. You can just slip on the barefoot sandal while in water. They will look so elegant in the water.

You can even wear them over your flip flops, flats, sandals and open-toed heels. It is a two in one use.

I made a pair of them for my friend and she just loved it. Hope you like it too.

If you find it worth your votes, do vote for me :)

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Materials needed:

Wool Yarn/thread - Based on you Feet size

Beads (About 60) - I used two size of beads - Larger creme colored beads for the long portion and smaller red beads for the ankle portion.




Step 2: Strand

Picture of Strand

Take three stands of Wool thread. The measurement of each strand is such as that it reaches from the toe till the back of your anklet.

The length of each strand should be double the times the measured length of thread.In this way we get sufficient length to braid and tie the knot at the back of your ankle when finish.

Step 3: Knot

Picture of Knot

At the center of the measured strand tie a knot around the toe.

I used double knot so that the knot will stay secure.

The loop should be perfectly fitting the toe.

Be careful that you don't make it so tight that you stop the blood circulation.

I am going to have to make some of these. They are so beautiful.
Passion Make (author)  mysterygirl9951 month ago
Thank you so much :)
fromdehart11 months ago

Perfect idea for a girls' swim party! Thank you!

Passion Make (author)  fromdehart11 months ago
Thank you.. :) Do make one for yourself :)
fluffy5260111 months ago
Voted! This is cool
Passion Make (author)  fluffy5260111 months ago
Thank you so much :)
BakeitUp11 months ago

Wonderful Idea :) I will surely try one soon!

Passion Make (author)  BakeitUp11 months ago

I would like to see yours. Thank you for liking it!

mile stone11 months ago

This is fabulous :) Elegant!

Passion Make (author)  mile stone11 months ago

Thank you for the lovely comment :)

sunshiine11 months ago

These are so cute. I wish you the best in the contest! Have a great day.


Passion Make (author)  sunshiine11 months ago
Thank you so much sunshiine :)

Wow! awesome..... great idea.... good job.

Passion Make (author)  sabina delpinoh11 months ago
Thank you so much :)
shazni11 months ago

Interesting technique :-) I must try as I love bear foot sandals

Passion Make (author)  shazni11 months ago

Thank you :) Do try it :)

lindarose9211 months ago

So pretty!! I didn't even realize that this was "simply" braided! :)

Passion Make (author)  lindarose9211 months ago

Thank you :) Glad you liked it..