Picture of Bead and Chain Necklace
To make this necklace, you will need:
Some chain (an old necklace bought from a Charity shop will do)
Some nice beads
A necklace clasp and 2 jump rings
Eye pins
Pliers (I have 2 sets, one with round ends, which does help)

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Step 1:

Picture of
2013-02-25 19.09.44.jpg
To start, Use pliers to undo the chain, make small sections.
Use the pliers to open the jump rings and attach them to two small sections of chain and the clasp.

Step 2: Bead and Chain necklace

Picture of Bead and Chain necklace
2013-02-25 19.15.13.jpg
Use your pliers to open up the ends of two eye pins and attach them to each end and use the pliers to close the eyes again.
Feed on some beads.  I prefer to have a big one in the middle and smaller ones around it, but whatever you like.  
You will then need to use your round ended pliers to roll an eye in the wire the other end as you will attach more chain.  Use the cutter part of the pliers if you need to make the wire a little shorter.
Attach the next bit of chain.

Step 3:

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2013-02-25 19.59.44.jpg
Then carry on adding alternate chain, then eyepin/wire and beads.
When you get to a decent length, you can either just attach the ends together, or add a larger jump ring and add some chain and eyepin/wire drops.
GabriB6 months ago

Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Very useful post!

Beautiful! pink one looks really cute.
Very cute! I just love pink!