Here is my next recreation of a hip hair accessory from the Renegade Craft Fair. 

These beaded feather hair clips are the perfect bohemian accessory.  They cost $250 but you can make them yourself for only $10.

These clips are inspired by the Paradise Collection by Jeeyun Ha Designs

Step 1: Materials

Materials - totaling $15-20 (once you buy the initial materials the cost of making a second one goes down significantly, to about the cost of the beads)
1. Beads - $3-7, as many as you need depending on how many strands you want and length of strands, a couple grams of beads should cost you about $1 depending on type and store
2. Feathers - $2 bag of feathers (only use about 5-10 feathers, barely a dent), you can buy nicer more expensive feathers
3. Beading Thread - $0.89 for a bobbin of thread (you will used about 10 cents worth of thread)
4. Super Glue - approx. $4
5. Beading Needle - $0.89 for a pack of four
6. Hair Clips - $2 pack of 10 clips
7. Enamel (not necessary) - $8 for a set of small colored enamel paints
I found An awesome kit on wish that contains synthetic feathers, beads, pliers, hook threading needle, etc. I've tried it once so far &amp; got a pretty good result but I'm sure with practice plus more trial &amp; error it will look very professional!!!
hey i really live these bu could you teach me how you do our hair like that i love it <br> <br>
Hey have you thought about selling those online or something. Cause well I tried like three times and i just cant get it. Just wondering thnx
i love this!!!!!!!! im going tro make one :D <br>
YAY! Take pictures and share!
Just love it!
this is so pretty!!!! i might have to go buy so hair clips sometime &amp; make this!
i love it,, inspired me to make some except as earings
Very pretty, and the hairclip is nice as well. I reckon I'll make a few for my sister, who's always putting stuff in her hair.
I love it!
Gorgeous! You have to have the right features and a heckuva dose of &quot;don't care&quot; to pull it off, though, I think.
That's so cute!
I want!!!<br />How do you think they'd look with short hair. . .?
totally AWESOME!

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