Beaded Wire Earrings




Introduction: Beaded Wire Earrings

These stylish, handmade earrings are perfect for a quick and easy gift or to sell. All you need are a few materials, time, and you have a pair of simple, stylish dangling earrings.

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need:

3 inches of 20 gauge wire (you can find at a craft store)

2 earring hooks

6 beads; four smaller and two larger

jewelry pliers

Step 2: Curl the of the Wire Around Your Needle-nose Pliers to Form a Loop.

Grip the loop in your flat-nose pliers and continue curling the wire around until you have a small spiral.

Step 3: Place the Beads on the End of the End of the Wire.

Step 4: Curl the Wire Around Your Needle-nose Pliers at the Base of the Last Bead to Form a Loop.

Cut off extra wire.

Step 5: Open Loop and Place on Earring Hook.

Close loop. You are now finished with the first earring. Make another to complete.



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