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This is not exactly instructions on anything. I just created empty graph paper for mapping out a design using chenille stitch and wanted to share it with anyone interested. The piece is worked from the top down w/ the top row being your ladder stitch row/round of 6 beads. There's 14 sections from the top down so be sure to mark your repeats! I design the graph so that once you're done making your piece the length you want, the bottom will line up with the top so you can connect the two together smoothly. Have fun! One more thought, this stitch can be done w/ a larger ladder stitch base, just be sure to keep it in even numbers (8, 10, 12, etc.) or it won't work.

Shy Silver Leaf

Note - In using this paper, I noticed that the last bead of certain rounds were also the first beads of the same round. I've updated the graph paper to show this.


seamster (author)2014-09-30

I think some people will find this very helpful! Thanks for sharing.

shysilverleaf (author)seamster2015-06-09

Any time!

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