This  anklet is crocheted, supplemented by beads. This a relatively quick project if you are experienced with crocheting, and is a simple project for learning how to crochet with wire or working with beads and crocheting. 

Your hands will probably be killing you by the end of this project, I know mine were.

Step 1: Needed Supplies and Other Notes

- a size d (3.25 mm) crochet hook
-fine wire (do not get technical beading wire, it is hard to crochet with. Try to find one that the color is not painted on as it will wear off as your hook rubs against it)
-20 beads (see notes)
-two jump rings
-one toggle clasp
-wire cutters

-You may need to make it slightly longer or shorter dependent on the size of your ankle. Work though the fifth step and wrapt it around your ankle. Keeping in mind that the clasp will need another half inch or so. Add stitches as you need too. If you add or subtract stitches your bead count will change as well. To find your bead count subtract one from half of the total count of stitches. (example, I chained 41 stitches and used twenty beads) 
-Your anklet will curl up as you crochet. To fix this, tug on it gently until most of the loops are gone. The rest will go away as you wear it more. 
<p>It is econflex in spring green if you are interested.</p>
<p>I am glad you liked it. ^-^</p>
<p>Very cute! Love that green wire :)</p>

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