Picture of Beaded Bracelet

I really like making friendship bracelets every year...for this year I've planned to make these beaded bracelets..
Once you have mastered the technique, they are pretty easy and you can make lots of variations..!!
i hope you like this tutorial. :)

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Step 1: Materials you need

Picture of Materials you need
  • Glass seed beads (small size)
  • Thread (same color as that of beads)
  • Beading needle
  • Thick Cotton cord (any color)
  • Inch scale
  • Fancy button
  • a pair of scissors

Step 2: Make the base of bracelet

  1. Measure a bracelet that you already own.
  2. Add 6 inches to 4 times the length of your bracelet.
example :
my bracelet is 8.5 inches so :
(8.5 x 4) + 6 = 40 inches
3. add button to cord.
4. tie the ends together with double knot.
5. knot opposite ends as shown in picture
6. to secure the button,create the same knot on the other end.
7. trim the excess cord from the first knot (step 4)

Step 3: String the beads

Picture of String the beads
  1. Thread the needle.keep the thread attached to the spool.
  2. Add beads.you will need lots of beads to wrap the cord completely(approximately 3 times the length of base)

Step 4: Wrap the bracelet

  1. secure the thread in one end of the bracelet.
  2. make 3 to 4 knots for extra security.
  3. start wrapping from one end to other as shown in picture
  4. when you reach the other end,thread the needle again and secure the beads in the same way.

Nainak4 months ago

i cnt undrestand last end plz

If you look at the photos I think they'll be a better explanation than the written instructions.

thanks a lot for stopping by ! :)
sailorgirlz8 months ago

I love it!! I'm going to try it for sure, thank you so much :) I've got many many beads like this and I was looking for something I could do with them... This seems perfect, thanks! :)

faiza007 (author)  sailorgirlz7 months ago
you're welcome !
do share some pics :)
golguin1 year ago
Beautiful bracelet
faiza007 (author)  golguin1 year ago

and easy too..! :
thanks a lot. :)

Wow! Congratz on yr win
faiza007 (author)  sahaab noor1 year ago


Congratulations on winning!! That is one beautiful bracelet you made.

faiza007 (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 year ago

thank you so much..!! :)
glad you like em..!

Nadflick1 year ago

Awesome! Congrats on winning!

faiza007 (author)  Nadflick1 year ago

thank you..! :)

786Ayesha1 year ago

Congratulations! I really liked this and you deserve the win.

faiza007 (author)  786Ayesha1 year ago

thank you so much..i am glad you like it. :)

craftpro1 year ago

Way Cool!!!!!!

faiza007 (author)  craftpro1 year ago


I love how it looks so complex but it's easy to make

faiza007 (author)  craftpro1 year ago

yea..its very simple..give it a try..its fun.. :)

Congrats on winning!!

faiza007 (author)  craftpro1 year ago

thank you so much..!! :)

786Ayesha1 year ago

Congrats! All the best......

faiza007 (author)  786Ayesha1 year ago
Thank you..fingers crossed. . ;)
azharz1 year ago

Awesome instructable Faiza

faiza007 (author)  azharz1 year ago


786Ayesha1 year ago

Awesome work.Love it.Voted

faiza007 (author)  786Ayesha1 year ago

thank you so much..!! :)

super cute! love the blue one :)

faiza007 (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz1 year ago

thats my favorite too..! :)

Pretty! Thanks!

faiza007 (author)  marcellahella1 year ago

i am glad you like it.. ;)

crazylam151 year ago
Absolutely luv'em
faiza007 (author)  crazylam151 year ago

thanks.. :)

So cute and very simple too! :)

faiza007 (author)  lindarose921 year ago

thank you so much linda...! ;)