This is my fisrt instructable so please be kind. Since it is nearly Christmas, I thought it would be nice to show you how to make a pretty beaded christmas ornament. i have used seed beads, some fancyer beads and a few e-beads. They are pretty easy to make and look very pretty, provided you pick the right colours and match them to the right ball colours.

They make great ornaments and christmas presants. And the best part, if the ball breaks, you can just take the beads and place them on a new ball.

Step 1:

Step 1:
The materials you will need are

8 larger beads-I have used many different kinds
808 seed beads, in a few different colours that match your larger beads
4 e-beads-they can match or contrast to the seed beads. The e-beads are a bit larger then the seed beads.

Beading thread, can be bought by the spool.

Beading needle, kinda hard to thread otherwise

I use a paper plate to put the beads on, it helps to keep the from rolling around the table or all over the floor. Also keeps pets away from them.

The pattern, which i will be showing you. I got the pattern from the Big Book of Beaded Ornaments show below. It has alot of different ornaments.
Cool, I could never do something like this.
They are so pretty, I really like the purple one too, nicely done.

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