Beaded Crocheted Scrunchies


Introduction: Beaded Crocheted Scrunchies

I got the pattern in a children's crochet book. It looked pretty in the picture, so I made the purple one with acrylic yarn and yellow pony beads, and then the white one with cotton yarn and pink, blue, and yellow pony beads. The possibilities for color combinations are endless, and I plan on making more, as making them was easy and fun. I single crocheted around a regular ponytail holder.



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    I like your pattern, but can't tell if your 2nd round is single crochet also. Is this done on a girl's pony tail holder or an adult's? love the photos.

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    the whole thing is single crochet. it can be done on any size pony tail. I made a couple for one of my cousins on teeny pony tails. i plan on making a walk-through for this soon. I'glad you like the pictures. ~Alligator pie~

    i love these! but i dont know how to make them. i can do a bit crocheting, but i cant make that chunky look, etc. could you do a walkthrough? =D

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    Another awesome thing from you!
    You're posting really cool stuff, and your account name is awesome, I really like your stuff!

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    thank you so much! I'm glad you like my stuff! I'm working on more and hope to get a couple more things finished over the next couple of days. thanks again!