Beaded Goose Egg Surprise

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Introduction: Beaded Goose Egg Surprise

This is a beaded goose egg. It is hinged with a pop-up picture frame hinge ring. This egg was entered into the International Egg Art Guild's Master Program in the Beaded/Jeweled category. I earned my Novice in Beaded/Jeweled with this egg. The picture frame inside is now holds a photo of a Toy Poodle I had for 15 years, Tiffy.



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Where on Earth do you get goose eggs, except from someone who owns a goose? (A rarity in Boston) And how do you empty the egg? There doesn't appear to be a set of blow holes on your egg through which you'd empty out the 'guts' of the egg, although blowing a goose egg would rate down there on my set of items not to endure. Please excuse my novice questions. Your egg is beautiful, and as a person who works with beads (the size you use on the egg and smaller), I have to say that I am so impressed with your skill and patience. This would be a treasured gift for Christmas or any occasion.

Thank you! I love to bead.
I own an egg art supply business. So getting supplies is really easy for me. ;)
You can check out my website at I carry almost everything you can think of for egging.
I buy my eggs already blown. But if you have your own eggs you want to use, I sell a tool to blow the eggs with. It is for say goose and smaller sized eggs.
As for the hole, there is one. You just cover it before you start beading. The location of the hole in this one is on the bottom. I put a piece of paper towel on the inside and glue it to the bottom of the shell with 5 minute epoxy. Let it dry. Then from the outside I fill in the hole with 5 minute epoxy. I just make sure it dries level and is not too full. Then paint the egg and am ready to put it all together.
There are egg shows from one end to our country to another. They run from March through October. Would love for you to come see one! Or check out the IEAG websites at: or the new one we are working on at
Thank you!


WoW! Such talent. Also what a special way to honor a pet. I love it!

Thank you! I had Tiffy for many years. She was with me while I started my adult life. Oh the stories she could tell you, if she were still here. I wanted to keep her memory alive in something that I enjoy.