This video will guide you how to make necklace at home.

Step 1: Material List

white beads -- 10 mm

white small -- 7mm

pear shaped pearl -- 12x8mm

crystal line fish thread or nylon wire

gold color chain

jump ring



eye head pins


Wire Cutter

Round Nose plier

Step 2: Detailed Video

<p>What a beautiful necklace! Something I would wear to a concert or some big thing. I voted for you!</p>
<p>Thank you Grace.</p>
<p>I definitely vote for you</p>
<p>Thanks a million for that.</p>
<p>awesome necklace. </p>
<p>Amazing looking necklace.</p>
Thank you Jason.
<p>That necklace is beatuful! And looks really easy to follow along with :)</p>
Thank you Penolopy. I'm glad you liked it,

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