This ible is the beaded version of my very first swirly ible! I hope I'm not annoying everyone with my swirl-addiction :p

Check these out and let me know if you like'em :)

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these rings you'll need:
  1. Craft wire - 18-20 gauge,
  2. Craft pliers,
  3. Mandrel,
  4. Pearl beads - small size,
  5. Ruler.
<p>Wow! These look awesome, I can tell you really love swirls! :D</p>
<p>Thanks Hunt! yes I really do ^-^</p>
<p>Beautiful! I can't help loving swirls :D</p>
<p>Thanks! me too :D</p>
<p>Remember this </p><p>&quot;anything worth doing is worth overdoing&quot; :D. Keep up the great show and these looks super cute :).</p>
<p>Ohw, that's really sweet of you Tarun! Thanks :)</p>
I love the way you're 'swirling around' so please go one, these are lovely too.
<p>Thanks! I have fun swirlin' around :)</p>
<p>They are beautiful :)</p>
<p>Thank you Emily!</p>
lovely ! :D
<p>Thanks sis!</p>
<p>very pretty</p>

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Bio: Hey, I'm Muhaimina! A crazy craft addict! Obsessed with swirls, beautiful colors and shapes (especially triangles!)... and Instructables is pretty much my second home!
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