Step 8: Finished Bouquet

Now all you need to do is hold your bouquet and look radiant!

Some final points:
  1. Don't be tempted to skip the florist tape. It looks better, and adds an extra layer of stability.
  2. Particularly if you have a large bouquet of flowers, you will need to make the stems (loops) on your flowers longer. If you find they aren't long enough, just build up with extra wire before applying the floral tape.
  3. There are many types of seed bead on the market, but for the purposes of beading it is worth buying high quality ones. Japanes Toho beads are my preferred brand.
That's it! Thank you so much for  reading, and if you like my instructable I hope you'll consider voting!
<p>I love it,thanks for sharing</p>
Thank you! Hope it goes well for you!
This is great I'm going to attempt this over my winter break.
Very pretty! Thanks for sharing.
Yes! Just gorgeous!!!
thank you!

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