Picture of Beaded beverage markers
My parents enjoy having wine tastings and dinner parties and a common issue that arises is whose glass is whose! When everyone is drinking the same drink, it is easy to lose your glass. I found some wine markers online, but I thought they looked boring and very similar to each other, which defeats the whole purpose. I decided to make these more unique beverage markers using random beads I had left over from past projects. They're easy to make and they look good too! 

Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
What you'll need:
Assorted beads
Beading wire

Step 2: Put it together

Cut off about 6 inches of wire. Coil the end of the wire around the nose of the pliers to form a nice spiral. Thread the beads onto the wire until you have about 3/4 of an inch of wire left and coil the end around the pliers. 

Step 3: Finished product

Picture of Finished product
Twist the marker around the stem of the wine glass. Make more of them and you're done!
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Excellent idea & easy too! Thank you!
That's a fun way to do it! Really easy to get them on and off :)
Simple but fantastic!