Picture of Beaded heart pendant

I got my inspiration for this project on Pinterest. This is the pin that I'm talking about. This was the first time using these techniques: tracing an image with wire and adding beads to a wire base shape. I'm really glad with how my pendant turned out and I think the colour combination looks great! I really hope you like it too :)

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

To make a beaded heart pendant, you will need the following:

  • Wire (this will be used for the basic heart shape
  • coloured wire matching your beads
  • beads
  • pliers
  • a necklace to put it on (or a closure and a lace)
  • jump rings

Step 2: The wire shape

Picture of The wire shape

Start by drawing your heart shape. After doing that, just try to follow the lines you drew to create the heart. It doesn't have to be exactly the same, as long as it is recognizable as a heart.

Step 3: Closing the heart

Picture of Closing the heart

To stop the two swirly parts of the hearts from moving, take a piece of wire and coil it around the joining point.

Step 4: Adding beads

Picture of Adding beads

Start by coiling a piece of coloured wire around the outside of the heart. Add your beads and move the wire until it is positioned somewhere you like it. To end this part, coil the end of the wire around the part of the wire heart where the beads end and cut it off.

Step 5: More beads

Picture of More beads

The second and the third row of beads were added the same way as the first row. For the fourth row, add some extra beads and make the wire go back to the outside of the heart, instead of straight to the inside. The last part was also done differently: Coil a bit of the wire around the outside of the heart and add a bead. Immediately after that bead, coil the wire two times around the outside of the heart. Repeat this for a total of about four beads, or until your heart is filled.

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SparkySolar3 months ago

Thank you for your Instructable

Nice job.


emilyvanleemput (author)  SparkySolar3 months ago

I attempted this project. just getting use to making jewellery with wire

That's great to hear! How did it go?

QBAW10 months ago
Hi Emily, my daughter and I made an attempt on your pendant for Mother's Day, not as good as yours, but her mammy loved it! It was really good to sit down and have father daughter time to make this. ;-) thanks again
emilyvanleemput (author)  QBAW10 months ago

That's great! I would love to see a picture :)

faiza00710 months ago

congratulations em..! :D

emilyvanleemput (author)  faiza00710 months ago

Thanks Faiza! :D

lindarose9210 months ago

Congratulations Emily!!! Your pendant deserved so much more than runner up in my opinion. Anyway, it was definitely a fun contest and that's the most important thing! :)

emilyvanleemput (author)  lindarose9210 months ago

Thank you so much Linda and congratulations to you as well! I was really surprised it was a finalist actually :D and, it's the T-shirts I collect :p. It was definitely fun! Will there be an entry from you in the jewelry contest in a few weeks?

Thank you! Emily, you are the queen of jewelry so I expect to see the jewelry contest populated by your ibles! :D I'm not even half as good as you so I'm not sure if I will enter it yet...I will see if I get an idea for a jewelry project, contests always inspire me to create new things :)

emilyvanleemput (author)  lindarose9210 months ago

Thank you so much Linda :) You could make an instructable of the cute bracelet I'm wearing right now :D That's what I love about contests!! and, you can win stuff just by sharing something you made!!!!

Oh you are right!! :D Any idea of what I could "write" in it? Maybe the word "Instructables" but that would probably be too long for a regular bracelet...

emilyvanleemput (author)  lindarose9210 months ago

You could try instructables, if that doesn't work out you could go for diy or for Linda :)

Wait, maybe I got an idea...I will work on it :D

emilyvanleemput (author)  lindarose9210 months ago

I only have to finish two intros, then my small collection of drafts is finished :D

Wow, I'm getting curious...!!! :D

I agree with Linda, but then again the contests are full of shocks & surprises ..aren't they? :D Congratulations Emily!!!!!

emilyvanleemput (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya10 months ago

Thank you! They sure are :D

i agree with you linda.

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emilyvanleemput (author)  deleted_account10 months ago

Thank you!

Yaaay!!! Congratulations Emily :)

emilyvanleemput (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya10 months ago

Thank you!! :D

shazni11 months ago

This is simply lovely :-) I really need to find the time to go hunt for colored wire and stuff!

emilyvanleemput (author)  shazni11 months ago

Thank you!

lindarose9211 months ago

This is such a cute pendant! I love it! I can't believe I didn't see it before...

emilyvanleemput (author)  lindarose9211 months ago

Thank you so much Linda! It hasn't been on for THAT long :)

Oh good, I saw the date was yesterday's date so I thought I missed it!

emilyvanleemput (author)  lindarose9211 months ago

The date almost would have been today, since clicking the publish button was the last thing I did before going to sleep :)

This is the best, cutest beaded heart pendant ever! LOVE IT <3 ..

I think I'm going to post a swirly heart very soon! ;)

emilyvanleemput (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz11 months ago

Yay! Thank you so much Muhaiminah :D :D

That is one cute heart :), I keep telling that I see heart shaped thinking clouds over everyone's head these days :)

emilyvanleemput (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya11 months ago

Thank you! the curves were made by trying to shape the wire slightly in the curve and at the same time letting it goo over my nail, which resulted in smoother lines :)

Aha... Handy nails :D

emilyvanleemput (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya11 months ago

They sure are :)

sunshiine11 months ago

This is very pretty, thanks for sharing your hard work!


emilyvanleemput (author)  sunshiine11 months ago

Thank you so much!

So cute! How do you get such smooth curves?

emilyvanleemput (author)  Penolopy Bulnick11 months ago

Thanks Nicole! The curves were made by trying to shape the wire slightly in the curve and at the same time letting it go over my nail, which resulted in smoother lines :)

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