Introduction: Beads Out of Magazines

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Hello everyone I am going to show you how to make beautiful beads out of things you have at home!

Enjoy :D

Step 1: You Will Need:

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- Glue Stick 
-  Clear Nail Polish (I had glitter in mine but looks just as good!)
- Scissors 
- Magazines
- Skewers

This is all you need!!

Step 2:

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Now select a page of a magazine that you like the colours of or has a nice pattern. Now cut it into a strip that goes from thin to fatter, the width of the fat end will be how long your bead is.

Step 3:

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Now wrap strip around the skewer tightly starting at the fat end. If it is too loose it will just unravel.

Step 4:

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Once you have rolled the paper around the skewer a few times get your glue stick and glue down the side of the paper.

Step 5:

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Roll up the rest of the paper on the skewer. (Add more glue at end if you need it. Until it looks like the picture below. 

Step 6:

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Now paint it with nail polish, do not paint too close to the edge because otherwise it will stick to the skewer. Then leave to dry and slide it off the skewer.

Step 7:

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Thread them onto embroidery thread and you have yourself pretty, handmade necklaces!


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