Beady Blue Braided Bracelet





Introduction: Beady Blue Braided Bracelet

About a year ago, I found a really cheap box with all kind of glass beads. Reason it was cheap: some of the beads were broken and it looked all messy and stuff. But, I took an afternoon, cleaned them and rearranged them. I was still looking for something to make with it. Andd then I thought this up. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

First you'll need to choose the colour of your bracelet. Look for about ten beads in this colour. Also take three (different) strings in matching colours . What you'll further need : -a closure -two lace clips - ten pins

Step 2: Braiding

First you need to let the three setrings start at the same point. When you've done that, add one of the lace clips and close it. I used a braiding technique that's a bit different. Instead of turning it, make sure the same side of the string stays up all the time, as shown with the picture tags.

When you think the bracelet had the right size, take the other lace clip and add it to the end. Add the closure and a loop to the lace clips.

Step 3: Beads

I kept it easy with the beads this time. Just add them to the pins and form a loop as shown in the pictures.

Step 4: Arranging and Adding

Arrange the beads the way you think looks best.
When you like it,  open the loop and add the bead to the bracelet.

Step 5: Done!

So, it's done! Hope you enjoyed it :)



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    Girl! You are so awesome I love making Jewelry and started when I was 14 too! Your stuff is just the kind I love to make:)

    Awesome, Thank you very much for the detailed pictures! They come in really handy for some of us!

    Cute colors! love the bracelet!


    Like! And pretty main image! Like Like!

    glad you like the main image, took me quite some time!