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This beam Symet was built unlike most, this beam Symet is not solar powered. The circuit used is a modified version of "Led Flashing Circuit" by steven123654. The brains of the Symet is a 555 timer chip used to make the motor spin once per second.

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blinkyblinky (author)2011-12-30

You can use a 3 volt solar panel.

pagosapig (author)blinkyblinky2012-01-15

That's a great idea, when I built this I didn't have many parts to work with and no cash for any panels. But I've got some now so I just may make a solar version. Thanks!!!

Michael_Bell (author)pagosapig2012-05-10

go to your local dollar store. They usually have some sort of solar garden light, and those solar cells are 2.5-4volts each :)

TigrisLi (author)2011-05-07

does the capacitor have to be 470 Uf??

pagosapig (author)TigrisLi2011-11-16

Nope, you can change it out to different values, that will change the amount of time the motor runs (which in turn the recharge time).

simplebotics (author)2011-02-04

thats so cool and is that 555 chip an ic? btw i built the "old-fashioned" symet using a solar cell. nice job too, your robot is one of a kind :) !

pagosapig (author)simplebotics2011-03-01

thanks, and yes the 555 chip is acting as an IC. I really like your symet, the book you used, "junkbots,bugbots, and bots on wheels" was what first got me into this as well. I would love to see more of beam robots as you create them and if you need any help, i would be glad to try to help.
Happy Beam-bot-ing

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