Picture of Bean Bag Box Set!
Hello and welcome! This is my first "uploaded project." I'm a fairly new and novice carpenter and I figured I could share my limited yet growing knowledge of woodworking projects. I'm always open to ideas and techniques and ways of doing things. Feel free to offer your opinions in the comments section.

This project took me approximately 6 hours over 4 days. I would have liked to finish it sooner. However, other tasks and work took up some time.

For this project you will need: *The quantity is noted within the ( ).

- (8) 48" - 2" X 4"
- (4) (or 6 if you're adding Beer Bottle holders, not pictured but explained) 21" - 2" X 4"
- (4) 10" *Cut at a 15 Degree angle - 2" X 4"
- (2) 1/2" Sanded Plywood - 2' X 4' sections.
- (1) Box  2 1/2" of all purpose Construction grade screws.
- (1) Quart of Stain/Poly mix. I used a "Natural Cherry" Stain & Polyurethane mix. [You can also use paint.]
- (1) Natural hair brush, size is based on your preference. I used a 2 1/2' Natural Chinese horse hair brush.
** Sandpaper- I started off with 80 grit and worked all the way up until 320 grit. You don't have to work in that many grades, but I wanted the the finished project to be smooth and the stain to dry evenly.

The below pictures are rough schematics I drew up, and the pictures of the lumber I used. The finished project is also pictured, resting on 2" X 6" to dry in the Chicago sun.

All sizing is based on the American Cornhole Associations standards of play. I am not associated with the ACA in any way and do not take credit for their dimensions and/or imply any affiliation through this project.
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korby0510 months ago

how are the beer bottle holders attached I don't see them in your instructions is all

Eye Poker1 year ago
I used a six inch hole saw and a hammer drill to make mine.
AndeeBox (author) 1 year ago
Thank you! And the heavy duck cloth I found, works the best! Thanks for checking out my stuff!
MorNuN1 year ago
this is very nice, but I don't get what it is supposed to do...
I know what a bean bag is, but I can't imagine how a box set is used
Phiske1 year ago
I love corn hole! I have a set just like this that I made in Ecuador. The problem I had with mine was that it was too slick. I had a local carpenter with a compressor spray lacquer it. But the bags would never stay on the slippery surface so I lightly sanded it to give a bit of bite. My friends down here had never played and love it. I used a heavy duck cloth for the bags. Cool post!