When you buy the small package of Bean Boozled 3rd Edition, tere is no wheel. So today I'm gonna teach you to make a wheel with a free download of template. So let's start.

Step 1: Materials

Materials you will need:

-Pliers(to make folding of paperclip easier)

- duct tape (just a small one)



- Bean boozled wheel temlate

- Perforated Cardboard (A small one just the size of a short bond paper)

- paper clip

Step 2: Gluing and Cutting

Glue the template onto the cardboard and cut it out

Step 3: Shaping

Using the pliers (or if you can do it using your hand), fold the paper clip into an L shape. Then make a curl like shape onto the short end of the paperclip. The illustration given will help you.

Step 4: Piercing

Using the paper clip's sharp end, pierce a hole in the middle of the arrow and the wheel. You can adjust the paper clip if the short end with the curl is too long.

Step 5: Sticking......DONE

Stick the duct tape on the back of the cardboard where the lng end of the pepr clip is. Done!!! Easy-peasy

<p>Fun game.</p>

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